About Tails on Trails

Murphy, a Baltimore Dog

How Did We Get Here?

After years of people telling me that when they die, they would like to come back as one of my pets, I realized I should combine my love of animals, rescue, and otherwise, into a business where I could express my love for pets all day long. Tails on Trails, LLC was born out of that.

Since the inception of Tails on Trails, and with feedback from over 500 clients, I have learned that no pet sitting or dog walking client’s needs are the same. Not only is it important that the visit go as you envisioned, it is just as important that we are responsive. That means you can always expect to hear form us in a timely manner.

I personally meet with each new Tails on Trails client, before the care begins. This extra step ensures any question about care, by our pet care staff will be addressed properly, bridging the communication between you and our staff. Additionally, your staff member’s contact information is always available to you.

While great pet care is a given (WE LOVE ANIMALS!), our clients’ needs are paramount.

Michelle Cohn

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