Why Should I Choose Tails on Trails Over Another Company?

We believe we are a step above the rest, a premier company with the highest standards.  Here are just a few examples of what we hear you ask about when you are distinguishing which company is right for your needs.


Tails on Trails uses employees, not contractors. Why should that matter to me? 

Common Statements we hear from prospective clients:

  • Whenever I have a change in my schedule or am dissatisfied with the care my pet is receiving, the company owner just tells me to call the contractor.
  • My pet sitter is not professional or well-trained.
  • When I come home to a pet who hasn’t been cared for, the company owner is not responsive.

What Sets Trails on Trails Apart:

  • Tails on Trails hire employees, rather than contractors.
  • As an employee of Tails on Trails pet sitters must follow all of the policies and procedures as well as demonstrate quality care, incorporating the training provided, to ensure the highest quality of care—a guarantee we could not make with contractors.
  • All employees are bonded and insured with a liability carrier, as well as covered under Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

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Have you ever found yourself wondering if your pet sitter visited for the amount of time or at the time promised?

Common Statements we hear from prospective clients:

  • My current dog walker said they were visiting at 2:00 pm for 30 minutes, but my neighbor saw them come at 5:00 pm for ten minutes.
  • My dog does not seem like it has been out since I left this morning.
  • How can I be sure you are a company I can trust?

What Sets Trails on Trails Apart:

  • Tails on Trails employees check in using an app on their phone enabling management to pinpoint the exact time and location that each visit took place, thus maintaining the highest level of trust.
  • Office staff monitors the schedule to make certain that we are meeting requested time frames and thereby guaranteeing no scheduled walk is ever missed.
  • The ongoing monitoring ensures that the safety of our walker.
  • GPS monitoring is only done during assigned visits and never follows employees between jobs or outside of working hours.

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How does the care from a trained member of the Tails on Trails Staff differ from a neighbor, friend, or other pet sitting company?

Common Statements we hear from prospective clients:

  • My neighbor’s son came over and instead of feeding my cat, he had a party.
  • My friend was supposed to stop by three times a day and I think they were only there once.
  • My pet sitter didn’t provide the quality of care I believed I would be getting.

What Sets Trails on Trails Apart:

  • New employees are trained on Trails on Trail’s policies and procedures on specific care instructions and length of visit expectations.
  • Equipment training is provided so that employees learn proper use of multiple types of collars, leashes, and harnesses.
  • Tails on Trail’s employees review industry standard training on pet behavioral interpretation with animal behaviorist Linda Stallings of Chesapeake Dog Training. A second training with Linda, where they work directly with dogs in the field, on safe walking techniques and preparing for distractions.
  • Once a year, a respected veterinarian provides Tails on Trail’s staff training on how to recognize distress signs in pets.
  • Safety training focusing on walking, home, and physical security is provided by a local security company.

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How do I know I can trust who is in my house?

Common Statements we hear from prospective clients:

  • I came home and some of my jewelry was missing.
  • I think my pet sitter stayed at my house without my knowledge or permission.
  • I had medication missing when I returned home.

What Sets Tails on Trails Apart:

  • Prior to beginning work background checks are done for all employees as a matter of safety and security for clients, their pets, as well as their homes.
  • Tails on Trails uses an investigative company to conduct thorough background checks to include states that may not report to the national level.
  • Background checks are renewed each year—a safety measure we take seriously.

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Our Service Guarantee

We guarantee our staff provides the service you requested, during the hours requested, for the full amount of time scheduled.

If we don’t meet our guarantee, your next visit is free! 

We’re active members of numerous pet care associations

Did you know we’re involved in the pet sitting professional community as well? We are constantly improving our business through our own experiences and learning from other similar pet care companies.

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