Anne Arundel County Dog Walking

We offer several dog walking options to our customers. We aim to accommodate both you and your dog’s needs. Whether your dog needs a quick potty break or a rejuvenating walk, our dog walkers can find a schedule that works for everyone.

We’ve all heard that “a tired dog is a happy dog”, but there are a myriad of additional reasons to be sure your dog gets their daily walk:

  • Exercise aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and will assist in prolonging your dog’s life
  • Aids in obedience training – most dog trainers will emphasize the importance of dog walking for a more balanced approach
  • Fulfills a primal instinct to roam and explore
  • Gives your dog mental stimulation by exposing them to interesting smells, sights and sounds
  • Gives your dog exposure to the world outside their home and yard

At Tails on Trails, we will tailor your dog’s walk to their preferences and desires! Here are just a few examples of requests we happily honor:

  • “Two houses down, there’s an entrance to the trail that Molly loves…could you take her there?” ~Jake, Severn
  • “Do you mind cutting Max’s walk down to 15 minutes and then playing fetch with him in the yard for the remaining time, it’s his favorite activity.” ~Heather, Crofton
  • “For some reason, Geeno gets a little jumpy on Piney Orchard Parkway, could you keep the walk to the secondary roads?” ~Anne, Odenton

Since you can’t be there for your dog at all times, let us make their day even brighter! We will fetch your pooch and take them for a walk that is the perfect pace and place for them. Following a great walk, your personalized walker will provide fresh water, treats, if permissible, and plenty of love, of course!

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